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Exactly at the location of the view point, Indraprasth/ (3.4 4 kilometers from Charan Paduka) there is an intersection of routes. This is a new route going towards Bhavan, which is comparatively wider and cleaner too, as no ponies are allowed on this track. The distance to Bhavan from this new track is 500 meters less than the old track, which goes via the steep climbs of Haathi Mattha. It is also easier to negotiate it because of uniformity of up-climb and lower gradient. Adikuwari is still 500 meters from this point. Those who wish to visit Adikuwari as well need not get disheartened as there is also a sub-way joining Adikuwari to this new track and hence one is not required to come back all the way to take this new track. Details of both the tracks are given after details of Adikuwari.




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