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The old track that passes via Haathi Mattha (which means the 'Forehead of an Elephant' because of the structure of the hill) and Sanjhi Chhat has one view point between Adikuwari and Sanjhi i" Chhat known as Chitrakoot.

Sanjhi Chhat, at a distance of 3.25 kilometers from Adikuwari, is a picturesque spot with enchanting views of the valleys and snow-covered peaks of the Himalayan range on a clear day. Sanjhi Chhat is also the end of the uphill climb and from here a person has to walk downhill in order to reach Bhavan.

The name Sanjhi Chhat came from the practice of the priests. Prior to , the inception of the Shrine Board the Holy Shrine was managed by a group of local people, known as Bandaars, which means number/turn wise'. They used to collect all the offerings at the Holy Shrine, and distribute it among themselves at this spot, hence the name Sanjhi Chhat, which means' A Shared Shed'.

It is literally a treat to be at Sanjhi Chhat because of its scenic beauty. A 10 bedded four floored hospital, Bhojanalaya, Souvenir Shop, free rest rooms, drinking water, announcements, blankets, telephones, blankets, cloak rooms, announcements, telephones, refreshments, etc. Other than the free accommodation, rented 2 & 4 bedded self-contained rooms are also available at Adikuwari, booking for which is done at the Enquiry and Reservation Counter at Katra. A Bhojanalaya is also operated here where pure vegetarian food is provided on a no-profit basis. A medical unit equipped with all necessary medicines and emergency provisions including oxygen cylinders is situated here as well. A bakery operated by the Shrine Board is also located here where fresh buns are made and distributed on all the catering outlets of the Board. Banks, shops for general items of use, etc. are also available at Adikuwari.


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