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Around 500 meters from Indraprastk is Adikuwari located at an altitude of 4800 feet. One can get the first glimpse of the fluttering flag on top and can hear continuous announcements from the announcement booth much earlier. Adikuwari is the half way spot of the entire trek as it is situated at a distance of 6 kilometers from Katra, on the main track. This is one of the most important Darshans on the visit, second only to the main Darshcans at the Holy Cave, which is still 6 kilometers from this place.

The term Adikuwari is believed to have come from Adikumari, which means 'The Eternal Virgin'. At this spot,'according to the legend, Mata Vaishno Oevi Ji had observed spiritual discipline (Tapasya) for nine months in a small womb shaped cave. When Vaishnavi, in the form of a small girl, disappeared from the Bhandaara organized by Pandit Shridhar, She halted at Banganga .and Charan Paduka. From there she reached Adikuwari, where in this particular cave, She meditated for nine long months. The exact spot where She meditated is located at the right hand side inside the cave and is shaped like a womb. When, during Her meditation She realized that Bhairon Nath had approached 125 water points en-route to Bhavan. Water is precious and one should not waste it.


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